Zero Width Joiner: Blank Space Emoji Copy and Paste!🌟

Discover the invisible magic of the Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ) emoji! It’s the secret ingredient that transforms solo emojis into dynamic duos and teams, creating a world of emoji storytelling possibilities. 🤝✨

Zero Width Joiner Emoji Meaning

The Zero Width Joiner is a non-printing character used in digital text to combine separate emojis into a single image, often resulting in a new, compound emoji. For instance, a woman emoji (👩) joined with a rocket emoji (🚀) using ZWJ creates an astronaut emoji (👩‍🚀). This emoji is also known for Blank Space Emoji.

Purpose of ZWJ Emoji

The Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ) serves several key purposes:

  • Combining Emojis: It allows the creation of a single emoji from a sequence of two or more, such as family emojis or the rainbow flag.
  • Script Behavior: In complex scripts like Arabic or Indic scripts, it determines whether characters connect to form ligatures or remain separate.
  • Typography: It can be used in typesetting to show connected forms of characters that would not normally connect.
  • Emoji Sequences: When interspersed between multiple emojis, it can create new, compound emojis.
  • Indic Scripts: It can either suppress or induce the use of conjunct consonants or ligatures, depending on the script’s default behavior.
  • Isolated Forms: In some cases, it can display a joining form of a character in isolation.
  • Digital Typesetting: It’s used in computerized typesetting to influence the appearance and positioning of graphemes.
  • Invisibility: While it has no appearance by itself, it’s an invisible character that joins other characters together.
  • Unicode Character: As a Unicode character, it’s recognized across different platforms and devices.
  • Text Communication: It enriches text communication by enabling nuanced expressions through combined characters.
  • Make blank comment: You can use this emoji for make blank comment in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and everywhere.

Emoji General Information

Full NameZero Width Joiner ‍
Apple NameZWJ
Also Known AsInvisible Joiner
SubcategoryInvisible Character
Unicode (Fully-Qualified)U+200D
Unicode Version1.1

Emoji Encoding Data

Shortcode (GitHub, Slack, Discord):zwj:
“C, C++ & Python”\u200D
“Java, JavaScript & JSON”\u200D
PHP & Ruby\u{200D}
URL Escape Code%E2%80%8D
UTF-8 Encoding:0xE2 0x80 0x8D
UTF-16 Encoding:0x200D
UTF-32 Encoding:0x0000200D

The Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ) emoji ‍ is a versatile and powerful character that can be used to create complex and nuanced text combinations. By understanding how to copy and paste this emoji effectively, users can expand their creative possibilities in digital communication. Whether used to add a touch of whimsy to a message or to convey a specific cultural nuance, the ZWJ emoji is a valuable tool in the digital toolbox.