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Do you need blank spaces or invisible characters for your text? Use our free tool to copy and paste any empty text symbol you want. No signup required. You won’t believe how easy it is to use the Blank Space Generator tool to generate and copy. 😮

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Blank Space Copy and Paste

Empty Characters Chart

Explore the enchantment of blank spaces through our Empty Characters Chart. To copy any space, just click on the desired character in the table, and it will seamlessly copy to your clipboard.

 No-Break SpaceU+00A0 
Hair SpaceU+200A 
Zero Width SpaceU+200B​
Narrow No Break SpaceU+202F 
Medium Mathematical SpaceU+205F 
 Ideographic SpaceU+3000 
Zero Width No-Break SpaceU+FEFF
braille pattern blankU+2800⠀
 En QuadU+2000 
Em QuadU+2001 
En SpaceU+2002 
Em SpaceU+2003 
Three-Per-Em SpaceU+2004 
Four-Per-Em SpaceU+2005 
Six-Per-Em SpaceU+2006 
Figure SpaceU+2007 
Punctuation SpaceU+2008 
Mongolian Vowel SeparatorU+180E᠎
Thin SpaceU+2009 

What Are Invisible Characters?

Invisible characters are also known as non-printing characters, because they are not visible on the screen or on paper. They are part of the Unicode standard, which is a system of encoding and representing text in different languages and scripts.

Invisible characters have a specific code point, which is a numerical value that identifies them. For example, the code point for the space character is U+0020, and the code point for the Ideographic Space is U+3000.

Invisible texts can be inserted into a text by using keyboard shortcuts, special symbols, or HTML entities. For example, to insert a non-breaking space, you can press Option + Spacebar on Mac, or Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar on Windows.

Alternatively, you can use the symbol   or the HTML entity   to insert a non-breaking space. The most easiest solution is use our online tools.

What is Blank Text Generator?

For users who require a more extensive use of empty spaces, the Blank Text Generator section comes in handy. Please input the desired number of spaces and choose the space type you wish to create before clicking ‘Generate.’

The tool instantly creates a string of invisible characters, enclosed within brackets, ready for you to copy and paste. It’s a quick and efficient way to produce the desired amount of blank spaces without the hassle of manual input.

Copy to Clipboard

Once you’ve generated the blank spaces, the ‘Copy’ button allows you to easily transfer them to your clipboard. The tool automatically removes the enclosing brackets, ensuring a seamless integration into your text.

A handy toast notification confirms the successful copying, and with just a click, you’re ready to enhance your messages, social media posts, or any other digital content with blank spaces.

Testing Made Easy

To ensure the generated blank characters meet your expectations, the tool provides a testing area. Paste the copied blank space into the ‘Test it’ textarea and observe the results.

This feature enables you to fine-tune the number of spaces according to your specific needs, making the tool flexible and user-friendly.

Reset and Resize

Should you need to start fresh or make adjustments, the ‘Reset’ button restores the tool to its default state. Additionally, the text area for testing automatically adjusts its size as you input content, providing a convenient way to preview how the blank spaces will appear in different contexts.

What is Single Invisible Text Tool?

The tool offers a straightforward solution for generating a single invisible character. Simply click the ‘Copy’ button it will

This feature is perfect for those moments when you want to maintain a clean and minimalistic appearance in your messages or documents.

Where to Use Blank spaces?

  • Blank spaces are used to create gaps or separations between words, sentences, paragraphs, or sections in a text. They help to improve the readability and clarity of the text.
  • It can be used to align or justify text in a document, such as using tabs, indents, or margins. They help to create a consistent and professional layout for the document.
  • Empty text can be used to hide or encrypt text, such as using white spaces to mask sensitive information or using zero-width spaces to embed hidden messages. They help to protect the privacy and security of the text.
  • Transparent text can be used to format or manipulate text, such as using non-breaking spaces to prevent line breaks or using soft hyphens to control word wrapping. They help to optimize the appearance and functionality of the text.
  • It can be used to insert special characters or symbols, such as using alt codes, HTML entities, or Unicode characters. They help to enrich the expression and diversity of the text.
  • Social Media Blank Captions:
    • Make your social media captions stand out by adding blank spaces. This can draw attention to key points or messages in your posts.
    • Achieve a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing look in your Instagram captions, tweets, or Facebook updates.
    • You can use blank spaces in social media profile name.
  • Digital Art and Design:
    • Integrate blank spaces into digital art and design projects to create unique patterns, shapes, or spacing effects.
    • Use blank spaces as part of a visual composition to add a touch of creativity and innovation.

Blank Space Alt Code Copy Paste

If you’re looking for an alt code to represent a blank space, you can use Alt code + 255 or Alt 32. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure your Num Lock is on.
  2. Press and hold the Alt key.
  3. While holding the Alt key, type 255 on the numeric keypad.
  4. Release the Alt key.

There are two types of blank space characters that have alt codes: Space U+0020 (Alt 32) and No-Break Space U+00A0 (Alt 255).

FAQs Related to Empty Space Generator

How do I type an invisible character?

You can type an invisible character by using a special keyboard shortcut, symbol, or HTML entity. For example, to type a non-breaking space, you can press Option + Spacebar on Mac, or Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar on Windows. Alternatively, you can use the symbol   or the HTML entity   to type a non-breaking space. You can also use the Blank Space tool to generate and copy different types of invisible characters with one click.

How do you copy and paste spaces?

You can copy and paste spaces by selecting them with your mouse or keyboard, and using the copy and paste commands. However, some space gaps may not be visible or selectable on some platforms or applications.
In that case, you can use our Blank Space tool to copy and paste spaces easily. This tool will show you the code and symbol of each space, and let you copy them to your clipboard with one click.

How to send a blank space on WhatsApp?

You can send a blank space on WhatsApp by using our tool. Just copy the empty text from the website and paste it on WhatsApp. Your message will appear as blank.

How to Send a Blank Space on Snapchat?

You can send a blank space on Snapchat by using the same method as WhatsApp. Copy the invisible character from our tool and paste it on Snapchat. Your message will look blank.

How to send blank space in Messenger?

You can send blank space in Messenger by using the same technique as WhatsApp and Snapchat. Copy the empty text from our web tool and paste it on Messenger. Your message will be invisible.

In final words, the Blank Space gap Generator tool offers a simple, unique and effective solution for users seeking to incorporate empty spaces into their digital communication.

For social media fans, content creators, or anyone who prefers a clean look, this tool is perfect. It lets you build and put invisible characters in your text.