Unicode 3164 – Hangul Filler Copy and Paste ❝ㅤ❞

Have you ever stumbled upon a blank space that’s not really a space? That’s the Hangul Filler for you! It’s a unique character that doesn’t display anything visible, yet it’s not the same as hitting the spacebar. Intriguing, isn’t it?

What is Unicode U+3164?

Unicode is a universal character encoding standard. It assigns a unique number to every character, no matter the platform, program, or language. The Hangul Filler, or U+3164, is part of this vast family, nestled in the Hangul Compatibility Jamo block.

Space Code U+3164 Copy

Simply click the "Copy" button to copy the Hangul Filler.

Hangul Filler Shortcodes:

HTML Codeㅤ
CSS Code\3164
HEX Codeㅤ

The Uses of Hangul Filler

  1. Invisibility on Social Media: Want to have an invisible name on platforms like Twitter or Instagram? U+3164 is your go-to character.
  2. Gaming Stealth: Gamers use it to create nameless characters in games like Among Us, Free Fire or Minecraft.
  3. Whitespace without Space: It’s a non-space that acts like a space, perfect for formatting quirks in text.

List: Creative Uses of Hangul Filler

  • Invisible usernames
  • Unique text formatting
  • Stealthy messages
  • Placeholder for future text
  • Non-breaking space in coding